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Outdooro boots PHANTOM ANKLE GTX Brown

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Your tactics for the city.

Urban Warrior is an edition of custom urban tactical shoes which will stand you in good stead in the urban jungle, on the shooting range and the mountain road.

These shoes are designed for those who, in addition to functional properties, appreciate modern, professional sports design.

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Used materials

waterproof leather NUBUCK thickness 2,0 – 2,2
membrane GORE-TEX Carbon Grey
4ply CLOUD
direct injection EXPLORER PU/PU/Rubber

Product attributes

Anti-static shoes
Absorption of energy in heel part
Contact heat resistant up to 300°
670 g
12 cm

Anatomically perfect shape of the inside of the shoe

The most important is the maximally refined shape of the shoe inside. That's why shoe design starts with creating the right shoe last. This task was entrusted to our Italian partners. 

Thanks to their genius, every trip will be a great experience and your feet will be in good condition even after a hard day.

Proven materials that we regularly test

A key element of urban tactical boots is their upper. The comfort of everyday wear depends on quality. That's why we used proven materials to create this collection. We opted for natural leather, which regularly goes through the most demanding tests.

But that's not all...

Leather that breathes easily and protects the foot from moisture. Smooth to the touch, strong and breathable in all conditions - this is nubuck leather in Urban Warrior shoes. 

Nubuck has another advantage that you will fall in love with on the first trip - it adapts to the shape of your foot. 

Lightweight sole that boldly absorbs shocks

Urban Warrior tactical boots are a new generation of footwear not only thanks to the use of innovative materials. We decided to equip the shoes with brand new, amazingly light soles of three densities. Their advantage is excellent adhesion. You will appreciate it on a wet city pavement and on mountain trails. 

Another bonus? The only sole that stops the cold from the ground. This is an extremely effective insulation of the foot against the cold in winter and thus has a positive effect of the thermal comfort on the entire body. 

A sole that cleverly prevents ankle sprains

Already during the first sketches of the Urban Warrior collection, we wanted to make shoes in which every journey has a happy ending. Therefore, we used a special PU construction in the upper part of the foot, which stabilizes the position of the foot inside the shoe.

The only one who is not afraid of slipping

The Urban Warrior footwear collection is equipped with the EXPLORER sole, which was designed by the legendary Vibram company, especially for Prabos. The yellow Vibram logo is a guarantee of the correct composition of the rubber compound and a well-thought-out profile, of the entire sole. This means slip protection and minimal abrasion for you. 

One membrane = 100% water resistance

Gore-tex Carbon Gray, a membrane that protects you from water and moisture, no matter where you are.

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