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Footwear developed by Prabos, perfected, successfully tested and recommended by Vybaven.cz. Suitable for all types of outdoor and work activities.

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Used materials

waterproof leather thickness 1,8 – 2,0
PES+PA highly abrasion resistant and breathable
anatomically shaped SOFTHEEL
direct injection MARS PU/PU/TPU

Product attributes

Anti-static shoes
Safety toe
Puncture protection
Fuel oil resistant
Absorption of energy in heel part
680 g
EN ISO 20345 S3 CI SRC
  • Sometimes even your feet need to be protected by a battle tank!
  • The Prepper model is a tactical outdoor footwear for the most demanding soldiers. Designed for those of you who expect the worst and want to be ready.
  • The sole material is our own blend developed in cooperation with Vibram. It provides an extreme grip and it can even clean itself while you are walking. Basically you may walk on anything you wish.
  • Right above the sole we have placed the main armour which is made of a 5 mm thick kevlar layer. This will stop any sharp object from entering inside. The layer is able to withstand pressure of up to 140 kg. (We do not supply nails with the boots. You do your own testing).
  • However, the aluminium toe tip really gives an awesome and scary look to your boots. It will either save your toes or it may even assist you during a “confrontation”.
  • As you can see, we did not design these boots just for strolling around. So if you choose the Prepper model, most likely there is a task awaiting you. So give them hell!

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